The Freestyle Ethos.

At Freestyle Hairdressing we are proud of our outstanding reputation of originality, creativity, consistency and client Confidence.

Passionate people striving for Professionalism, ensuring nothing less than the highest Quality in British Hairdressing.

Our aim is to provide a better service in the salon, including an instructional "after care" programme teaching clients the right way to keep their hair looking good between appointments. In our salon, each client is treated as an individual. Clients are made to feel welcome and are consulted with rather than spoken to.

Our clients are actively encouraged to talk about themselves, the lives they lead, the sort of clothes they like to wear, and any hairdressing problems they have always wanted solved. Your hair is "the gown you never take off". The best hairstyle is one that is properly designed reflecting your personality, looks and lifestyle.

It should blend with your total appearance. You deserve professional care and attention.

You have to wear your hair every day - three hundred and sixty five days a year

Inspiration. Sophistication. Confidence.

Let me bring these qualities and more to your new kind of hairdressing experience.

Inspirational hairdressing focussed on you.

Sophistication: Are you Classic, Contemporary or just Cool Chic .We will express whatever your personality is with true Sophistication. Your hairstyle is your identity!

Confidence: Luxury and pure personal indulgence. A world of expert styling tips and information about all the essential salon-tested products that suit your individual hair type and styling needs.